Increasing Guru Devotion

Q: Dear Rinpoche, please teach me to practice in everyday activities to increase devotion to Guru! Thank you Rinpoche, I wish you live long long for benefits to all sentient beings!

A: The mind of the guru is the syllabus “Hung”. The “Hung” represents love and the “Hung” is at your naval. Think that at the naval, there is always the “Hung”; like vibrating or pulsating like a channel or a vein. So actually the “Hung” is the same like the mind of the guru. The mind of the guru is compassion so the “Hung” represents compassion. In order not to forget about the guru, sometimes you think that in this life for example my teachers, my parents, my friends they protect me. But when I die, if I have no bodhicitta, nobody can protect me. So who gave me bodhicitta? The guru gave me bodhicitta, so that guru’s mind is bodhicitta. So if you have this mind within your mind stream, this mind of bodhicitta, then temporary you will be reborn in the higher realms and ultimately you will attain enlightenment.
So when you die, your real companions/ your support is the guru’ mind (bodhicitta). If I don't have that I will run into danger because then I will be  ignorant, I will be born as an animal or if I am angry,  I will be born in the hell realm. If I have guru's bodhicitta in my mind, it is like having wings and I have freedom, I can go to the Pureland of Dewachen. So you have to think about the qualities of the guru.