nature of mind and enlightenment

Q: Can Rinpoche please explain 1) what is the nature of the mind? 2) What is enlightenment? 3) How does realization of nature of mind become enlightenment? Thanks

A: The nature of mind is empty but then you know it is empty when there are no thoughts in your mind. This essence of that mind is empty but then there is a clear awareness that consciousness that knows its own empty nature so that is the indivisible union of clarity and emptiness. If you do not grasp at any thoughts and no thoughts but you know that there is no thoughts, the mind is very clear but also it is empty. That is nature of the mind. It is the indivisible nature of clarity and emptiness.

Second part of the question, when you attain enlightenment, you first have to purify and you have to accomplished, without that you will not attain enlightenment. So now your love and compassion is very weak. So when you cultivate love for all people in the world and for all sentient beings, day and night you only want to benefit sentient beings then finally, self grasping will be clarify and altruistic mind arises in your mind. Then your mind becomes like space because this compassion pervades all sentient beings, so then you see the nature of mind is like space. Within the space there is no two, there is no division in space, whenever you go there is only one space. So one’s own mind and the mind of sentient beings is the same. So at that time, the dualistic grasping is cleared away and you realizes non-dual primordial wisdom. You understand that there is no self and no others, that is the explanation of “Sang Gye”, where “Gye” means vast and expansive and “Sang” means clear away dualistic grasping. There is only two bodies but there is no two minds. When you realized that, then you will realize what enlightenment is. So then when you have habituate it for long time, then your body will become like a rainbow body. So your mind attains enlightenment in dharmakaya. Those sentient beings who do not realize that, they suffer greatly. So you cultivate compassion for them, from that arises the sambhogakaya.

The third part of the question. So first when you understand (you know) that there is no duality, then you experience when thoughts and affliction arise, then they all fall apart, they are liberated. The mind becomes non dual (and they become non dual from the mind) this means they dissolve. So that is the experience that you will gain. Second part, you will realize that even though if thoughts arise, they won't affect you, there is no fear because you know the nature of mind is beyond birth and death. At this point you realize, so habituate with that. Turn slow then enlighten qualities will dawn in your mind. When you understand the view of dharmakaya, from that expanse the quality of sambhogakaya and nirmanakaya appear. Sambhogakaya appears like a rainbow and the nirmanakaya like rain drops falling down, benefitting countless sentient beings. When you attain enlightenment, then all those qualities of the Buddha become manifest.