reciting mantra while watching tv

Q: Second question is I like to watch tv, so can I chant mantras as I am watching tv? If we miss doing the commitment that we supposed to do, is it ok? Any bad karma created?

A: This is best, because when we watch tv, the day time appearances and the night time appearances are exactly the same. So the day time appearance, at night time those will appear in your dream just like watching a tv show; like taking a picture of the tv show, so both of them won't stay. The day time appearances, the tv show, the dreams, they all take turns but they all not true. So don't think that day time appearances are real; so the dreams, the tv show and the day are all the same. Later when you die, then like in a dream or like a tv show, you will continue on. So now due to karmas and imprints, your physical body is like a butter lamp. When you still have the karma, the body will remains.  When the karma come to an end, your body will die and you will leave it behind. After you leave it behind, then the dream or tv show that you have saw all becomes the same, it is all gone. It is very good if in whenever you do, watching tv and so on, to recite the mantras continuously. If you have a little prayer wheel, also spin the prayer wheel and think that all the beings that you see in your tv or your country so on, they benefit through that.

Second part to the question; so if you can't do the mantra recitation, you can do the “om ah hung” but the root samaya is actually the love and the kindness between your companions, between the disciples. If you lose your love through anger, that is really a negative karma. For recitation, it is sufficient if you practice the om ah hung, but most important the real root samaya is love and kindness and one hundred deities have a single samaya. Later when you die, you cannot take even a million dollars with you but you can bring your love with you. So don't allow your love to be spoiled but protect it with patience. It is not important to do commitment or recitation but it is important to sustain the real samaya which is love. So when you recite verbally om mani pad me hung, you remain free from distraction because the point is: mantra recitation eliminates the grasping of sound. So mindfulness, like heedfulness will cause your mind not to become obscured by ordinary thoughts. If you think about the form of the deity, it purifies the imprints of the body. Of the body, speech and mind, most important is the samaya of the mind. The ultimate samaya of the mind is love and compassion. If you do give rise to love and compassion, all non-virtues actually transform into virtues.